When you first come in, Dr. Davis will evaluate your range of motion, reflexes, perform orthopedic testing, and ask you a couple of questions, like where is the pain and what caused it. He will then use that information to determine treatment. At this point, he will also let you know if he thinks chiropractic treatment is the right solution for you. If it is not, he will refer you to a trusted specialist.


Dr. Davis’s preferred method of treatment utilizes 10-15 minutes of physiotherapy to help relax muscles, followed by chiropractic treatment, then a short explanation of simple rehab exercises to encourage further healing.

However, Dr. Davis also understands that not everyone’s schedules will accommodate each of those steps each visit. While they are included in the visit cost, you can choose to just do the chiropractic treatment. However, going through the full process is highly encouraged for your first visit.


During the examination and treatment, Dr. Davis will be assessing you for follow-up treatment. He will recommend a plan for continued treatment, whether it is ”one-and-done”, weekly treatments, or a maintenance plan. Most likely, he will recommend several visits, as most problem areas have had a lifetime to build up and will need more than 5 minutes to be corrected, just as any broken bone or surgery recovery. However, there is no contract or commitment to come in, so you will be able to choose what is best for you.

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