What is Chronic Pain?

Simply put, chronic pain is pain that lasts after an injury has healed. Chronic pain is often a reason people choose to visit a chiropractic, as other methods of pain intervention have not worked. 

Your pain may have started out as acute, which is when the injury (such as a car wreck, fall, or surgery even) happened. This pain can be intense, but it is typically more short-lived, and you know the cause. For example, labor pains during childbirth are intense and painful, but you know exactly what the cause of the pain is. 

The pain becomes chronic after the injury has “healed,” so to speak. At this point in the recovery process, you are probably thinking, “This injury happened months ago. Why am I still in pain?” It can be a persistent, uncomfortable pain, or it can be a more shocking, quick pain that can catch you off guard when you make a sudden movement. Either way, it is pain that you feel should no longer be happening. Pain is often the first symptom you notice, but what you may not know is that this chronic pain most likely started with muscle imbalances and has led to the dysfunction of spinal joints. Chiropractic treatment, especially combined with other rehabilitation exercises, can be a great alternative to promoting whole-body healing, rather than just increasing your pain medication. We often put our bodies in static or repetitive positions throughout the day that compromise healing. Dr. Davis’s method will trigger healing in your body, helping you naturally fight pain instead of just treating the symptoms. 


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